Benjamin Golden Devilhorns

You are holding a collection of stories set in a bizarre, almost believable universe. The lord of cockroaches breathes the same air as a genius teenage girl with a thing for criminals, a ruthless meat tycoon who hasn’t figured out that secret gay affairs are best conducted out of town, and a telepathic bowling ball. Sit back. Scratch your head. Let the color wash over you.Enjoy the ride.

“Raucously funny, Doug Shields satirizes suburbia, from a high school bully, to a born-again evangelist, to a bored housewife, to the secret thoughts of a bowling ball. Through a series of stories with recurring characters, small town dynamics emerge. In the great tradition of Southern absurdists like Jack Butler, this human comedy reveals, with loving honesty, the state of our culture today.”

—Dr. Michael Karl Ritchie

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